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Stompie Stegosaurus Soft

Stompie Stegosaurus Soft

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Imagine the earth shaking and the leaves of the nearby trees quivering and you’ll understand why all the other Dinosaurs run away when Stompie the Stegosaurus stuffed animal comes near! However, this little Dino is a peaceable plant eater who only wants to make friends! Crafted with snuggly forest green plush materials and stuffed with the silkiest polyester fill, he’s about as cuddly as can be. Stompie’s glittery eyes feature a lifelike shine while soft, orange plates and spikes accent the crest of his back and tail. Claim this endearing baby Stegosaurus stuffed animal as your companion on your next make believe adventure through time and Stompie will prove himself as your very best friend, he’s as loyal as they come!

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Weight 4.1 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 7 in
Animal / Character



24 Months & Up


14" Long With Tail


(36 cm)





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