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Welcome to the Guildhall, Durham's upcoming

board game bar!


Box Delivery

Local Board Game Delivery

We offer fast delivery, usually within one day, to any address in our 5/10 mile delivery radius for a flat $5/$7.50 fee and regular weekly deliveries to Raleigh for a flat $10 fee. USPS delivery service is also available. Games are free to pickup at any board game event

Rummikub Game Night

Sponsored Board Game Nights

We sponsor regular board game nights every Thursday at Moondog Meadery as well as a once  amonth board game event at the Durham Main Library and the first Saturday of every month at Bull City Solera and Taproom


On-site Board Game Sales

We bring board games for sale in our mobile board game store to all our sponsored game nights as well as pop-ups all around town!

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