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Sell Outs

Sell Outs

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It's like if Cards Against Humanity were actually fun!" - Jake Guild, Guildhall Games


A game about saying anything to get a sale. Sell Outs is a tabletop card game about solving curious problems with absurd creative solutions! This turn-based game is best with 3-7 players, but can be played with more.

Are you plagued by honey badgers? Not getting that raise you want at work? Have you ever had trouble starting a revolution? Everyone has problems. Now you have solutions!

Sell Outs is the game of solving your friend’s problems by pitching common items with odd features!
A crane that grants wishes that always backfire. A spaceship that does not need any fuel, but flies really slowly. A rabbit’s foot that doubles as a great wingman. Anything is possible when you Sell Out!

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