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Learning D&D 5e Session (One-Shot), Sunday, June 30 at 3:30pm

Learning D&D 5e Session (One-Shot), Sunday, June 30 at 3:30pm

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Join our experienced D&D DM for a learning session of D&D! Select a slot, add to cart and check out to reserve your space. 

You will be embarking on an adventure like no other, because it has come from your DM Morgan's mind. Experience D&D the way it was meant to be played, through homebrew sessions! This will be a 'one-shot', meaning this is a one sessions adventure, you don't need to commit to a full campaign. You can still take your character on another adventure later though!

You don't need to worry about making a character this time, you'll have a few pre-generated characters to choose from, so you can focus on learning the game!

Please be prompt to your session and respect your fellow gamers' time. We will have many helpful items available for free in our Tabletop Library inside the Guildhall Games store.

You can talk with your group, the Guildhall staff and/or the greater Tabletop group in our discord server:

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