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Cosmic Cow Collectors

Cosmic Cow Collectors

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In galaxies far, far away... powerful alien empires have always fought for the most prized resource of the universe: cows.

Vie for control of these precious beings while trying to prevent your adversaries from discovering which planets are your favorite to abduct from. Bovine power and knowledge will make you the ruling empire of the cosmos!

Compete to abduct more cows than your opponents. Explore new planets rich in cattle. Deduce your opponents’ coordinates to invade their secret planets and force them out.

—Description from the Publisher


Each player has a Secret Planet card in front of them which shows a numeric value and the amount of repeated cards in the deck.
On your turn, take 1 of the following actions:

Abduct: Declare a number (equal or lower than your Secret Planet) and gain that amount of Cows.
Invade: Make invasion attempts against foes to try and guess their Secret Planet value. If successful, you gain their card and keep it for Bonus Cows at the end of the game.
Explore: Draw a Planet card and optionally change your Secret Planet card to reduce the chance of getting invaded by your foes.

The end of the game is triggered when the deck has no cards left or when a player reaches 120 Cows. Add Bonus Cows for endgame conditions that are met and whoever has the most Cows, wins!

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