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Marvel Ultimate Uno

Marvel Ultimate Uno

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If you can't be a Superhero at least you can play UNO like one! Each player chooses the identity of a Marvel character who has powers you can use on EVERY TURN! After you choose your character, you play the game with a corresponding Character Deck.

In the UNO Ultimate card game you match colors, numbers, and symbols just like classic UNO. Each Character Deck has special power and Wild Cards designed just for that character. There's also a Danger Deck with "Event" cards and "Enemy" cards that can really change the game! Like any great superhero battle, there's gonna be a lot of powers and stuff lying around, so buckle-up and pay attention!

There are also two ways to win! Get rid of all your cards in your hand or be the last player standing with cards in their character deck.

Collectible foil cards in each box.

Don't forget to call Uno when down to 1 card!

- Thor
- Black Panther
- Iron Man
- Captain Marvel

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