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Guildhall Games' July Speed Puzzling Bonanza!

Guildhall Games' July Speed Puzzling Bonanza!

July's puzzling event will be Sunday, July 21 1:00-3:00pm! 

Teams of 2 will compete to complete a specialty puzzle as fast as they can, with big prizes going to the top competitors! Anyone who completes their puzzle before they leave the Boxyard will still win a prize. Prize payout will be based on the number of participants and will be announced shortly before the event begins. All entry fees will go towards the prize pool minus the cost of the puzzle!


This event is OUTDOORS, so be prepared for the weather!

Full refunds are available for any reason up to 1 hour before the event and are only available in extenuating circumstances after that point.



No puzzle sorting aids are allowed

You are allowed to bring your own surface to puzzle on, as long as it fits on the allotted table size (~36' x I think like ~24')

Team of 1 or 2 are allowed. One child 8 or younger is allowed to assist without counting as a team member.

Prize Payouts will be given in Guildhall Games gift cards

Total Prize Payout = # of teams*$15

1st place takes home $100 with 20+ teams, and always at least $75



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